Dvořàk / "American Quartet" - String Quintet op.97

Quatuor Talich, Dorak op.96 et 97, La Dolce Volta

with Jiri Zigmund, Viola 



- LDV 254

- Released on September 2002

- 1 CD / 59'06

- Recorded at Domovina Studio, Prague on April 2002

- Artistic Director: Jiri Gemrot

- Sound engineers: Václav Roubal, Karel Soukenik


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Czech ensembles have long had a lock on recommendable recordings of Dvorák's chamber music, and here's one that goes to the head of the list.

The Talich Quartet pairs two masterpieces composed back-to-back during Dvorák's 1893 sojurn in Iowa. Their readings bristle with life, tempos are marginally faster than usual, and ensemble is razor-sharp, rhythmically buoyant, and richly detailed.

The drop-dead-gorgeous cello melody at the start of the Op. 96 is played soulfully but not sentimentally by Petr Prause, and the Lento movement gets a rapt reading. At times it seems that they're pushing to the brink the ma non troppo modification to Dvorák's Vivace, but it never goes over the edge and the net result is a feeling of exhilaration. 

The Op. 97 Quintet has a prominent role for the second violist, here Jiri Zigmund, whose dark tone contributes mightily to the performance's excellence. The players manage to deliver tonal beauty, an abundance of detail, lively phrasing, and a strong sense of structure to the work, qualities not always easy to reconcile.


Table of contents

Anton Dvorak (1841-1904)

String Quartet op.96

1Allegro ma non troppo


3Molto vivace

4Finale. Vivace ma non troppo

String Quintet op.97

5Allegro ma non tanto

6Allegro vivo


8Finale. Allegro giusto














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