Schulhoff / String Quartet n°1

Quatuor Talich, Janacek et Schulhoff, La Dolce Volta


                                              Talich Quartet, Strad Magazine


- LDV 256

- released : March 2005

- 1 CD / 72'08

- Recorded at Domovina Studio, Prague on March 2005

- Artistic Director: Jiri Gemrot

- Sound engineers: Václav Roubal, Karel Soukenik


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« The Talich Quartet brings Czech authenticity to Schulhoff »

The First Quartet by Erwin Schulhoff proves a considerable bonus: the helther-skelter opening to the Presto, perfectly poised, confirms the technical brilliance and sizzling precision that are the Talich’s hallmarks. Both the hushed yet impish Allegretto, with its finely handled cello ostinato, and the slyly dancing “alla Slovacca”, with its eerie central section, are magical, thanks especially to the Quartet’s inspired ensemble playing.
Schulhoff rounds off with a slow movement whose mysterious undertow (the middle instruments produce a splendidly unnerving siren effect) is marvellously captured.  The ending is pure enchantment.

The Strad (Roderic Dunnett)

Table of contents

Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942)

String Quartet No.1

1Presto con fuoco

2Allegretto con moto

3Allegro giocoso alla Slovacca

4Andante molto sostenuto










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